Spinnaker Souls Cargo Pants

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  • Functional, Multiple, Big Pockets
  • Machine Washable, Tumble dry Friendly
  • Double stiched seams for strength
  • Hidden external pocket for safety
  • Button-close bellow cargo pockets - durable and strong
  • Classic Molecule Logo
  • Thick Cotton Internal Waist Adjusting Cords
  • Leg-bottom tie : pop-button style
  • Brass logo button
  • Strong metal zip fly, with fabric comfort-pull-extra-flap

We know Molecule's Cargos are ideal on the beach, but these babies are made to taste the salt air. With Molecule's Spinnaker Soul's thick cotton bottom ties, pop-fastened back and cargo pockets, double stitching, and thick cotton waist ties, you'll be hankering to spill a sail on the sloop and wave to the babes on the beach. Now, that's tight!

These come with the Molecule logo on a patch on the right cargo pocket flap, a Molecule logo brass button, our special 'worn/friendly-fray' pocket edges, and a small hidden pocket on the outside waist beltline.

These also have a unique zipper system, with a large flap which fastens with a button behind the zip, sort of like a 'double-secure' entry system! We like to call it the Molecule Anti-Flash Flap – even if your main button comes undone, you are still protected from publicising parts that should probably stay private!

Garment Care

These are solid, but pre-washed - they won't shrink in a normal wash.
Always check the label :)
Non-stretch denim
Thick, structured cotton
Main: 100% Cotton

S Small
waist 31" | flatbelt 16" | outseam 42" | inseam 33"

M Medium
waist 33" | flatbelt 17" | outseam 44" | inseam 33"

L Large
waist 35" | flatbelt 18" | outseam 45" | inseam 34"

XL X-Large
waist 39" | flatbelt 20" | outseam 45" | inseam 34"


Please check sizing! The best way to get the correct size is to compare the 'flatbelt' against a well-fitting item you own.
To find the 'flatbelt', lay the item flat on the ground & measure along the top of the beltline.
Order a flatbelt at least that big.

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