Original Railers Cargo Shorts

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  • QUALITY: Strong metal zip fly, with a fabric comfort-pull, these are comfy lightweight cargo shorts for men
  • TACTICAL POCKETS: Functional & buttoned big multiple cargo pockets
  • EASY CARE: Machine washable, tumble-dry friendly
  • CUSTOM FIT: Internal thick cotton waist cords to fine-tune your fit
  • BUILT FOR LIFE: Double-stitched seams for strength - ideal for these multi-purpose men's cargo shorts, ensuring durability to leave you ready for whatever life throws your way!

Woke up today to bright sunrise, and the gentle tapping on my window from friends lobbing pine cones as an alarm clock. Chucked on my Railers and I was ready. We rode our boards down to the beach. Pete had his harmonica and I had Julie's guitar over my shoulder. It sounded great bounced off the salty sea air. Insta'd some great pics, love how the Railers felt sturdy even jumping off the sand-dunes. As the sun set over the beach we skated back, another great day. Life was good today.

Made of lightweight cotton, these are amongst the least baggy shorts we make, with a minimal design. Check the Zipped Railers for a version with zipped slash pockets.

Garment Care

These are solid, but pre-washed - they won't shrink in a normal wash.
Always check the label :)
Non-stretch denim
Thick, structured cotton
Main: 100% Cotton

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Please check sizing! The best way to get the correct size is to compare the 'flatbelt' against a well-fitting item you own.
To find the 'flatbelt', lay the item flat on the ground & measure along the top of the beltline.
Order a flatbelt at least that big.

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