Splotchy Camo Cargo Shorts

Get this unique camo pattern from Molecule, combined with the all-round wearability of Molecule shorts, and you've got a winning combination.

Splotchy and Shorts, why does it work so well?

First up, grab a pair - that's right, you'll be .... A Winner! This pattern is great, unique, you won't see many other people in it, on top of that the shorts are super-comfy 100% cotton, double, even triple-stitched for durability - don't be afraid of jumping on mountain bikes, down sand dunes, into a heaving bar... Trust us :) these work well in a lot of situations.

We actually find that these are great for travel, you do blend in a bit when out and about, enough to avoid a lot of the pickpockets looking for obvious targets. But, once you get into a bar, beach, club, you stand out. Yes, These Are (Perhaps) The Perfect Cargo Short Combination. Now grab one, or two. Actually these are rarely in stock as we sell them so fast, so if you see some here it's your lucky day sunshine.

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