Orange Cargo Pants

Put the bright pedal to the pant metal and Hold On! Not pastel colors.

Orange Cargo Pants – stand out from the crowd

For some people, the same ordinary stuff doesn't cut it. You need something that is a bit more out there, like our orange cargo pants. Grab a pair of our orange cargo shorts while you're at it, to be oranged-out in all conditions! These pants might not be the first thing you choose to a formal event but when you find the right occasion to wear them, the reactions can be amazing. Of course they're also great as uniform in hazardous environments when you need maximum visibility combined with tough build and total comfort.

The bright and unique color sets you up for the day (or night) right away. The fit has been specially designed to not be too baggy or too tight and the size of the pockets is just right. Everything about these pants just works – they're waiting for you, grab a pair, or two, today. If the orange needs a yang for its ying, how about some smart black cargo pants which can easily double as party-wear.

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