Khaki Cargo Shorts

The creamy sand color of our Khaki Shorts says 'Calm'. Suitable for beach and town, we've got a bunch of great styles here.

Molecule Khaki Cargo Shorts – the feeling of summer

When the weather is warm you need something that will allow you to move but be comfortable at the same time. A pair of Molecule khaki shorts is the absolute staple of summer wear and almost everyone has at least one pair. Made with the same quality and care as our khaki pants (and just as durable too), why not get a shorts/pants combo and be ready for everything?

Whether you are out at the beach, at the mall or just hanging out at home, these cream-colored khaki shorts are great for all purposes. You would be hard pressed to find a pair of shorts that are more comfortable while still offering you all of the storage that are in these large pockets! Even though the pockets are big, unlike some other brands you won’t even feel them while you are wearing them. So if the weather is warm where you are then don’t suffocate yourself. Throw on a pair of our khaki cargo shorts and let yourself breathe!

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