Khaki Cargo Pants

Elegant, earthy, and built to last, Molecule's Khaki Pants are an ideal choice to keep you covered for many occasions.

Khaki Cargo Pants – the perfect color of Desert-Cream Khaki

Bust out a pair of your favorite Molecule khaki cargo pants for that eternal sunset cream shade of khaki, and feel good with the 100% cotton against your skin. With a soft, smooth material that fits just right you will want to wear these cargo combats everywhere. The light colors blend in with almost everything and can be worn all year round in any situation. These are smart enough to be great for a uniform, and yet casual enough to pass muster at a beach party. Combine with a pair of khaki cargo shorts for year-round, or just before-and-after-sunset, use.

Storage should never be a problem as there are large cargo pockets on both sides. These pockets are large enough to hold just about anything you can think of but not so big that they will get in your way. They are lightweight enough to keep you cool during the day but thick enough to keep you warm when the sun sets too. These versatile pants have got you covered for all situations from sun up to sun down.

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