Green Cargo Pants

Molecule's famous Field Green shade (aka Olive Drab) is our most popular color choice by a fair margin, it has that pre-washed look if you get close to the material, nice and soft but still tough-wearing and built to last - you'll feel great putting these on every day.

Field Green Combat-style Pants – earthy all-round color

Want a nice natural color, or looking for something that is slightly 'army-colored' but doesn’t have the full-on camo print? A pair of our green cargo pants will suit you fine. They give off the feeling of being meant for the outdoors but can much more easily be worn in a formal setting compared to camo cargo pants. The color that is often described as olive goes great with boots, especially brown or black ones.

These will go pretty well in your wardrobe with a pair or two of green cargo shorts; these pants feature a fairly straight-legged design that flows nicely with all different types of footwear, as well of course of looking great on the beach with no shoes! With the added cargo pockets, your gear is never more than a reach away for easy access and the pockets will never get in your way. If black and khaki pants are too 'full-flavored' for you then grab a pair of these green ones instead.

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