Gray Cargo Shorts

These aren't just Gray, these are Sunset Shadow Gray, a perfect sun-faded level of grey that looks like the sun has just set in the distance. Perfect for hanging out on a beach, sitting on bus roofs, or perching on bar stools, these are perhaps Molecule's ultimate 'do it all' color.

Gray Cargo Shorts – colored for that just-after-sunset shade of grey

Cargo shorts come in all different colors which is one of the reasons that they are much more versatile than jeans. Grey is considered by some to be more of a shade than an actual color but whatever you call it, our gray cargo shorts look great! The color really lends itself well to the 100% cotton material used in our cargo shorts. Feeling like some Yin for your Yang? Grab a pair of orange cargo shorts at the same time!

On the sliding scale from white to black, these are definite middle-of-the-road, sit-on-the-fence type grey. By the way even if you spell this color as Grey we won't hod it against you :) We actually call this 'Sunset Shadow Gray' as it looks just like that shade of monochromatic beauty which comes in a shadow just after a sunset. On a beach. Yes, we are that specific!

To really get the full feeling of these shorts they need to be matched against the right shirt. Some of our brighter colored T-shirts really look great with these gray cargo shorts as the colors contrast so well. The cargo pockets provide enough room to fit even the biggest of items (certified to carry a sweatshirt for when the sun goes down, and a large bottle of beer/wine/Jack for when the sun is down or up!). When empty, they're naturally thigh-hugging, so that you probably won’t even notice they are there. Molecule Cargo Shorts = Perfection Simplified.

How about a pair of grey cargo pants for those brass monkey days? Stop the pop!

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