Black Cargo Shorts

You're a man or woman? You like black? Get these! Bonus : they're awesome. Smart, Casual, and Black, all at the same time - these can take whatever you and life throw at them.

Our Black Big-pocketed Shorts are great for the campus, workplace, beach or town - smart and casual

Black is Back! Ok, it never really goes out of style, as it is just so useful. Smart for the workplace, cool for casual, this is a color which is useful in most situations, even as they change. What's that? That hot workmate has invited you out on a surprise afterwork beach party? No problem! Say what? That potential employer called up and wants you to go direct from the beach to start work - easy! Black Cotton Shorts from Molecule are well-built to handle any occasion and shrug off all that life (you) throws at them. Yes, you're gonna feel some level of attachment to these babies. Grab a couple pairs to make sure that your other half doesn't give you hassle for always wearing the same thing!

When summer rolls around and we switch over to shorts, we're need to be ready for a good time. Those good times can result in some trouble staying spotless by the end of the night - a spilled drink or some BBQ sauce is no match for these babies! Just like our other cargo shorts these ones have an amazing amount of storage space for all of the things you might need throughout the day. No need for a backpack, just load up your cargo pockets and you won’t have to worry about going home until at least tomorrow. The best summer days and nights start with the right apparel and our black cargo shorts don’t disappoint.

Wanna switch it up more than just shadow-style? Don't miss our Green and Grey Shorts (they are always popular), and the Khaki shorts are another color which goes easily casual or smart. Want something longer for colder days or a more formal workwear? Grab some of our black pants as well.

Check this movie - Buy our Black Cargo Shorts Or...!

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