Black Cargo Pants

If you're looking for a great pair of work pants you've come to the right place. Rugged and hard-wearing, these also have a solid dye to keep them black for a long time. Great also for casual wear. Pick them up and feel the quality.

Just how good are these Black Pants by Molecule?

We know how much you love your black cargo shorts and want to wear them all year round but sometimes the weather or uniform requirements just don't make that possible. Right then it's time to chuck on a pair of great black cargo pants as the perfect solution. Since black goes with just about everything there shouldn’t be any occasions where you find these pants unsuitable to wear. (And who doesn't love black clothes!) Match them with a t-shirt and they are great for casual wear but throw on a collared shirt and you are ready for something more formal. Black Is Back, Baby!

The cargo pockets tend be the main draw of these kinds of pants and you won’t be disappointed by the cargo pockets here. In additional to all of the storage space in the regular pockets you get extra large cargo pockets that can hold a whole lot of stuff but don’t take up too much room. This is the perfect combination of functionality and comfort – get a set of these today, you'll never regret having a nice pair of our black cargo pants! Oh and let's not forget our friends in the UK who might be laughing a bit here - yes, we mean Black Cargo Trousers!

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