'10 Things NOT to Bring’ - On a Backpacking Trip!

'10 Things to NOT Bring'
on a Backpacking Trip

Congratulations, you’re off on a trip, you’ve got your pair of Molecules from www.molecule.asia, and you’re set…right?


Wait! Maybe you’re packing too much - don’t make the same mistakes as other folk, and check our handy compilation of items Not to bring!

  1. 1. Too Many Clothes - Instead of 5 types of shorts for every eventuality, pack a smart pair of multi-function shorts (like those from www.molecule.asia). Look for a pair with button-down or snap-close pockets to reduce losses from pickpockets and… cliff jumping!
  2. 2. Soap - adds weight, and you’ll find it free in a lot of places you’ll stay - if not, you’ll be able to get an interesting local variant cheaper than at home.
  3. 3. Shampoo - creates airport check-in hassles with carry-on liquids, and you know that it will leak, leaving a lingering smell of ‘Fresh Forest’ for the whole trip.
  4. 4. Wallet - that’s right. Do you need all those cards? Wallets attract attention unnecessarily, especially when pulling it out, fresh-into-the-country with all your holiday cash packed in there. Try just bringing a money clip or… just keep your card in your pocket.
  5. 5. Fancy Flip-flops/Sandals - if you’re heading to a sandals-friendly location, get a way bigger range and way cheaper price from the people that wear these every day.
  6. 6. Sleeping Bag - you’ll soon be carrying more than you were planning - these things pick up bedbugs fast. Ok, if you’re actually hiking in a cold place then you may need this, but try not to use it in hotels, they are sponges for bugs. And if you’re going somewhere warm, how about picking up a hammock when you land - these also double up as cotton wrap-up sleeping bags. Swaying in the breeze on your hut balcony, or sweating in a hot bedbug-infested pit inside?
  7. 7. The desire to work for more than beer and free food! Be open to helping people out for a free coldie, It’s a great way to meet local people… and to taste the local offerings.
  8. 8. A Huge Backpack. Seriously, you don’t need it. Try making 3 piles: must take, maybe take, probably not take. Then cut them in half. Then take what’s left of ‘must take’.
  9. 9. A Front-Loader, to add on the front of the huge backpack. A small daybag can be useful, but that 25 litre expandable huge thing? Save yourself back-pain and honour (you know it’s always funny for the locals to see double-loaders walking down the street!).
  10. 10. Plastic Bags. If you’re staying in hostel bunk-rooms, do everyone else a favour and avoid packing things in those thin plastic bags. You know you will be That Person, at 5am, rushing to a train, last night lingering in the form of a brewing hangover, as you madly try to pack your bags. Trust us, the rustling from those things is almost worse than the environmental problems they’ll cause when the next place you stay at burns your trash in the morning.
  11. 11. This List! Ok, I know we said ’10’, but here’s a bonus. You’ve ‘not packed’ all the stuff, right, so screw this list up and reach around and give yourself a big old pat on the back!

You’re all set, get out there and Grab Life By The Molecules!


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